From The Gilbreth Network Online: Member List ca. 2002

The Ferguson website included a list of current members of the 'Gilbreth Network,' updated through at least August 20, 2002. Some additional members can be found in subsequent issues of The Quest.

[Archivist's note: I have removed all email addresses and phone numbers from the list, both in the interest of privacy and because most are likely obsolete..]


Included here are active members of the Gilbreth Network. The information is listed as follows:

Name, Title/Affiliation, E-Mail, Area of Interest in the Gilbreths

After the member list, there is a list of organizations of interest to Gilbreth researchers and their contact information.


Behrooz Asgari

Tibebe Belachew

Linda Brenner

Elspeth Brown

Dr. Jerry Davis

Dr. Patrick G. Dempsey

Michael De Blasio

Gerrit De Vrü

Amelia Dickens

Susan Englander

David S. Ferguson

Rebecca Fry

Gabe Giella

Steve Gilbreth

Ben B. Graham

Edward Graham

Dr. Laurel Graham

Regina A. Greenwood

Haley Grider

Mary Ann Buschka Hainthaler

Dr. Jane Lancaster

Carl Lindenmeyer

Richard Lindstrom

Jose Dias Lopes

Yisrael Mayer

Mary B. McCleary

Holger Mertens

Dr. Gerald Nadler

Jessie Nalpathanchil

John L. Naman

Michael L. Parish

Susan Scachitti

John T. Schulz

Dr. Roger O. Smith

Nathaniel L. Spunt

Randall J. Steger

James S. Perkins

Brij B. Singh

W. J. Thomas, Jr.

Prof. Sandor Vajna

Sandeep H. Wankhade

Dr. Daniel A. Wren

Lisa Zaken

Organizations and Contacts


Institute of Industrial Engineers

Purdue University

Purdue University Library


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