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FBG Project U-084

Source: FBG-Sweet's

Project for Z. & W.M. Crane Paper Co

  • Dalton, MA
  • < 1909
  • Possibly still standing

One of several jobs known only from the listing in the FBG advertisement in the 1909 Sweet's Catalogue, which seems paired with the job listed for the Dalton Power Co. Extensive searching has turned up no good candidates for an FBG project. Although a number of addition and re-roofing jobs (turning gabled roofs into flat gravel ones, for more interior space) have been noted between 1902 and 1906, they are either unattributed or attributed to another, apparently regular contractor for Crane.

Note that, at least in this era, Z. & W.M. Crane and Crane & Co, although both paper companies in Dalton, are not the same entity.

There are references to a new powerhouse for Crane that do not have a builder attribution, which may be connected to or parallel with the new city powerplant described in the other job.

The FBG org chart of Aug 1905 lists Barnes & Farnum as engineers for Job 386 in Dalton, MA. It is not known which of these jobs that might be.

Crane Paper is still in business, primarily as a maker of banknote (currency) paper for the US government and others. The foundrrs and original proprietors were Zenas and Withrop Murray Crane, half-brother.

FBG Provenance


  • Unknown. The Crane mill in Dalton is still active and has a complex of older mill buildings including a brick smokestack. Which might be the FBG project, or whether it is still standing, is undetermined.



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