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FBG Project U-056

Source: FBG-Sweet's

Two Buildings for Yale & Towne

  • Stamford, CT
  • Construction started: Apr 1906
    Completed: Jul 1906
  • Engineers: Lockwood, Greene & Co
    • Mill Construction building: $74,575
    • Reinforced Concrete building: $83,000

This project is mentioned in a 1906 letter of commendation, and appears to represent Yale & Towne buildings 5, 11 and “10½.”

One of these buildings may have been the large forge and foundry building of 1906 mentioned in company histories, although the building of 1905 is a better candidate.

A chart in American Machinist (see appendix entry) notes that one building was of mill construction (brick with cast iron columns and steel girders), 190×50 feet, 4 stories with basement, a ground area of 9,500 square feet and 47,500 sf in all.

The other building is noted as being reinforced concrete construction, 164×50 feet, also 4 stories with basement, a ground area of 8,200 square feet and 41,500 sf in all.

A 1907 ad mentions that “one of these buildings had to have the lower stories put into use while the uppers were still under construction.” Photos indicate it was the concrete building.

The construction management chart from Concrete System adds valuable details such as company building numbers and notes there may have been a third, connecting building as part of the project.

The chart has some somewhat unclear notes on when the buildings were started and completed.

FBG Provenance


Unknown. Many former Y&T buildings stand but it is not certain which may have been FBG projects.


  • Writeup in System ad, Nov 1907. Photo notations seem to indicate May, 1906:

  • Construction photo from Bricklaying System; note photo date of 6/29/06 and probable job number A29:

  • Repeat of letter from ad in Engineering News, Jul 1907:

  • Sit management chart of buildings and construction organization from Concrete System. If this is an accurate representation of this job, there was actually a third (“half”) building, probably to join Building 11 to Building 10. This information may help in identifying the buildings at the Y&T site:

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