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FBG Project D-012

Source: FBG-EN1907

Expansion of Towns Hotel

  • Bellows Falls, VT
    (Now within the town of Rockingham)
  • 1902
  • Architect: Hollis French & Allen Hubbard
  • Replacement building stands in this location

This project is noted in an 8 Nov 1902 letter in Field System along with the Garvin's Falls job.

Research indicates the work was a fourth-floor addition to the Towns Hotel, the top floors of which burned in April 1899 and was rebuilt as three stories. It was then expanded with a mansard fourth floor before being sold in February 1902 and renamed the Hotel Windham. (It then burned again in 1912 and was rebuilt yet again; then destroyed in a fire in 1933 and wholly rebuilt yet once more. This building still stands but retains none of FBG's work.)

Hollis French was a fellow graduate of the English High School with Frank Gilbreth in 1885.

FBG Provenance

  • Letter cited in Field System.


  • Original building rebuilt in 1912 and replaced in 1933.


  • From pp34-35 of Field System:

  • Hotel Windham sometime after 1902 expansion by FBG and before 1912 fire:

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