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FBG Project D-039

Source: FBG-ER1905

Powerhouse & Foundation for Syracuse, Rochester & Eastern RR

  • Lyons, NY
  • < 1905
  • RR line and facilities dismantled around 1931

One of several jobs known only from the listing in the 1905 Engineering Record notice, this was a central powerhouse and “machinery foundations” for what would be a troubled and fairly short-lived “interurban” or light railway. The timeline for the “rapid railway” is variously given from 1903, 1906 and 1908 through several mergers and eventual demise in 1930. The 1906 figure seems most likely, if the primary powerplant for the line was built in 1904.

The historical website noted below states:

  • “Power for the trolleys was made at a large power generating station in Lyons, NY. The power, rated at 33,000 volts AC, was fed into larger power lines that ran to smaller power houses along the line. […] Plus, the power plant in Lyons generated excess electricity that could be sold to villages along the line. By 1910, Port Byron had applied to the company and for the first time, power was available in the village. Many other villages did the same.”

The voltage specified seems improbable; it is possible the author meant the station was 33kW.

FBG Provenance


RR line abandoned and dismantled around 1931; demolition of power station assumed sometime after that.



Books & Articles

  • The Rochester Syracuse and Eastern Travelectric 1906-1931, William R. Gordon and James McFarlane, 1961 (privately published)
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