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FBG Project 049 - Appendix

Source: JDG-1

Simmons Hardware Co — Haley & Lang Pulls Out

For reasons that are not explained beyond “dissatisfaction with the terms of the lease,” Haley & Lang canceled their plans to move into the new building. This raises questions about who owned the property and who actually contracted with FBG, although notices say there was a contract with each company. Changes stemming from the merger/partnership with Dymond may have led to business or leasing situations the produce company did not like.

Haley & Lang would shortly take over a major Omaha, NE fruit wholesaler, change the business name to that firm's, then quickly change the entire operation back to their established name.

  • Sioux City Journal, 19 Jul 1906:

  • Sioux City Journal, 24 Jul 1906:

  • Cold Storage & Ice Trade Journal, Aug 1906: “Haley & Lang Fruit Co. will erect a cold storage plant [in Sioux City].”
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