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FBG Project 049 - Appendix

Source: JDG-1

Simmons Hardware Co — Becomes Dymond-Simmons

Well after construction was started but before completion, E.C. Simmons apparently sold the location into a partnership detail with one T.C. Dymond, and the regional warehouse and sales came under the name Dymond-Simmons. Simmons apparently retained ownership and control, but used this stock-ownership and co-branding practice to motivate and reward warehouse managers in most of their outlying regions:

  • The Wichita, KS warehouse was under the name Morton-Simmons;
  • The Toledo, OH warehouse wss under the name Standart-Simmons;
  • The Minneapolis, MH warehouse was under the name Hurty-Simmons;
  • and the Ogden, UT warehouse was under the name Ogden-Simmons, but whether from a partner name or the location is not entirely clear.

The NYC warehouse and the St. Louis, MO warehouse and headquarters remained simply “Simmons Hardware.”

It is not known if the local partnership with Dymond changed the ownership, leasing terms or other factors that led first partner Haley & Lang to abandon their plans to occupy the west building, despite it being “built to suit” for them.

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