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FBG Project 049 - Appendix

Source: JDG-1

Simmons Hardware Co — Industrial Accidents

A brief newspaper notice stated in early 1906 that FBG was the defendant on four liability suits during the construction of the Simmons Building. Two were injuries, for which some record was found. A third, probably another minor injury, is known only from a couple of court schedules. The fourth was a major injury and death suit which had considerable newspaper coverage.

This entire side story is worth some detailed coverage, as there are very few reports on what were surely common occurrences on era construction projects, for FBG and others. Many reports across these years are no more than a filler: “John Q. Laborer, an Irish worker on the new Blank Building, yesterday lost an arm to a railway mishap.” — and nothing more. These relatively detailed examples are thus rare and useful in evaluating the larger picture of Frank Gilbreth as a contractor and businessman.

All notices and references except one are from the Sioux City Journal, 1905-1907.


There are two brief court-docket listings for a Christenson vs. Gilbreth. No further details were found.


Taylor vs. Gilbreth is known from one clipping, which is mildly ironic for the plaintiff's name, and for the comment at the end that “he had not been given the proper instructions for making the work easy.” No resolution was found.

  • Sioux City Journal, 29 Dec 1905:


There are two clippings for Huebner vs. Gilbreth, including a resolution.

  • Sioux City Journal, 29 Oct 1905:

  • Sioux City Journal, 17 Feb 1906:


The most serious incident, protracted legal battle and complete newspaper coverage is for Usher vs. Gilbreth for a site death involving the failure of a derrick under load.

  • Sioux City Journal, 26 Nov 1905:

  • Sioux City Journal, 21 Dec 1905:

  • Sioux City Journal, 31 Jan 1906:

  • Sioux City Journal, 11 Jul 1906:

  • Sioux City Journal, 26 Sep 1906:

  • Sioux City Journal, 6 Oct 1906:

  • Sioux City Journal, 3 Dec 1906:

  • Sioux City Journal, 4 Dec 1906:

  • Marshalltown Evening Times-Republican (IA), 5 Dec 1906 (note error in manner of death):

  • Sioux City Journal, 20 Dec 1906:

  • Sioux City Journal, 25 Jan 1907:

  • Sioux City Journal, 26 Jan 1907:

  • Sioux City Journal, 4 Apr 1907:

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