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FBG Project M-031

Source: FBG-ER1905

Mill Buildings & Mill Town for International Paper Co

  • Piercefield, NY
  • Contract: Late Aug 1904
  • Engineer: A.H. White
  • Partially standing and in use

This project was everything but the mill and dam for a new International Paper Co facility in upstate New York. It was not quite as remote as the St. Croix plant but was of similar scale, with a powerhouse and tall chimney, stables, a storehouse, an office building and thirty-two worker houses.

The FBG org chart of Aug 1905 lists A.H. White as engineer for Job A-6, Piercefield NY.

The dam and possibly the powerhouse remain, but the mill was abandoned and the buildings demolished sometime before 1980. Oddly, the town of Piercefield itself, more or less created by the mill's construction, remains. Unlike its sibling Sprague's Falls, it does not appear to have ever grown, and still has about 30 houses plus a few community buildings.

FBG Provenance



  • Boston Evening Transcript, 26 Aug 1904: “FBG has been awarded contracts for the construction of five houses, an office building, storehouse, stable and stack.”
  • Piercefield mill in operation, about 1906 (from ER ad):

  • Piercefield today; mill was located above town next to river and dam:

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