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FBG Project D-059

Source: FBG-System

North Beach Electric Power Station for City Gas & Electric Co

  • San Francisco
  • Contract: May 1906
    In Service: Oct 1906
  • Engineer: Samuel Napthaly
  • Probably demolished

This project was one of the first undertaken and completed after the San Francisco disaster; the long journal writeup indicates it was in service by July, 1906. The work followed on and largely paralleled the Georgetown, Washington plant of similar design.

No such building stands in the area of Beach and Buchanan Streets; the area has been cleared and rebuilt in fairly recent times.

FBG Provenance

  • System ad
  • Concrete System


Proably demolished, date unknown.


  • Cement Age, May 1907:

  • System ad, Nov 1907 (note FBG site sign in top photo):

  • Concrete System, p.174:

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