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FBG Project D-049

Source: FBG-Sweet's

Factory for John J. Lattemann Shoes

  • Brooklyn, NY
  • Contract: May 1905
    Scheduled Completion: 15 Nov 1905
    • $100,000 ($80k building, $20k machinery)
  • Architect: Wm J Dilthey, NY
  • Probably demolished

One of the jobs listed in the FBG advertisement in the 1909 Sweet's Catalogue that has been fully verified with corroborative information, this was a 6-story “shoe manufacturing plant for John J. Lattemann” at St. Edward and Sycamore Streets in Brooklyn. From an 1899 invoice, it appears that Lattemann had existing shops for sale and probably manufacture at 465-467-469 West Broadway, and the contract notice specifies the additional address of 485.

St. Edward Street is between the Brooklyn Navy Yard and Fort Greene. Although a Myrtle Street still intersects it, large plots for things like a public library probably long ago erased Sycamore, along with this project and other outdated factory and warehouse buildings in the port area.

Notes indicate it was of “mill construction” — brick walls with wood columns and floors — and 100 by 120-125 feet. Since the engineers decided against conventional wooden piles, it used some 480 corrugated concrete piles cast and driven by Gilbreth subsidiary CCPC, which was written up in a 1907 book.

The FBG org chart of Aug 1905 lists Wm. J. Dilthey as architect of Job A-15 in Brooklyn.

FBG Provenance


Unknown. Probably demolished.


  • ENR, 15 Jun 1905:

  • From an 1899 invoice:


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