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FBG Project D-021a

Source: JDG

Factory for Frank B. Gilbreth Construction Machinery

  • Medford, MA
  • Construction: Late 1903–early 1904
  • Engineers: UNK
  • Demolished.

This factory was built as the second home of Frank Gilbreth's construction machinery manufacturing sites. No details beyond those of the clippings are known. It can be assumed that FBG undertook the construction on its own behalf, but that remains to be confirmed.

The image turned up on an eBay postcard in mid-2022. The skywalks, and the note that FBG bought some 200-325,000 square feet for “multiple buildings” indicate that at least two other buildings are just outside the photo area.

A search of likely areas along the tracks and Mystic River showed no compatible building, with the most likely location that of the current Whole Foods Market at the junction of the two.

* Boston Evening Transcript, 1 Aug 1903:  Boston Evening Transcript, 1 Aug 1903

* Iron Age, 13 Aug 1903:  Iron Age, 13 Aug 1903

* Engineering News, 15 Aug 1903:  Engineering News, 15 Aug 1903

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