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Errata for Construction History Journal paper

Gifford, James, “Frank B. Gilbreth, General Contractor: construction projects 1895–1910,”
Constructon History Journal, v.36, no.1 (Spring 2021)

  • The chart given as an appendix has been substantially revised and updated by the material assembled and reviewed for this wiki.
  • The case study of the Mutual Life Building is incorrect in its conclusion that the reconstructed building was the Bank of California building on the northwest corner of Sansome and California. It was not; the bank rebuilt the handsome colonnaded building that stands there now as a replacement for their own destroyed building. The Mutual Life Building, as seen in the era images, was on the southeast corner of Sansome and California. Current research indicates it was rebuilt in unknown fashion after FBG's demolition-in-place, then replaced with a new building in 1920 that still stands. The entry here has been wholly revised with this information.
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