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FBG Project U-080

Source: JDG-1

Plant for Pennsylvania Cement Co

  • Bath, PA
  • 1907
  • May not have been built by FBG

This project is known only from three short notices that FBG had been awarded the contract. No corroborating information has been found, and the notices may be erroneous.

No references have been found to “a new plant” for the company in this era, but a number of notices were found that indicate the company enlarged its power station in 1907 to provide power to a street railway and the town. Another notice indicates that a reservoir was enlarged in 1906.

A troubling notice from March, 1907 indicates that the only building or improvements recorded for the company that year were given to another contractor.

Especially as all three notices read identically and appeared at essentially the same time, with no further references found, it is entirely possible that the announcement was premature or that FBG declined the contract; this would be the era that F.W. Buzzell was complaining of being over-stretched with Frank Gilbreth occupied in California.

FBG Provenance

  • Three contract notices
  • Possibly a contradictory notice




  • The Morning Call (Allentown PA), 6 Sep 1906: Notice of an accident while excavating a new reservoir for the company.
  • The Morning Call (Allentown PA), 20 Nov 1906: “The Pennsylvania Cement Company at Bath is building a reinforced concrete smokestack 200 feet high.”
  • San Francisco Call, 11 Jan 1907

 San Francisco Call, 11 Jan 1907

  • Oakland Tribune, 16 Jan 1907 (repeated 18 Jan):

  • Concrete Engineering, 15 Feb 1907

 Concrete Engineering, 15 Feb 1907

  • The Morning Call (Allentown PA), 27 Mar 1907:

  • The Morning Call (Allentown PA), 12 Oct 1907:


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