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FBG Project U-010

Source: FBG-Sweet's

Extension of Mill for Boston Manufacturing Co

  • Waltham, MA
  • Construction: Jun 1902
  • Architect & Engineer: Lockwood, Greene & Co (Boston)
  • Building/FBG work may be standing

According to a letter from the architects, this was “extensions and improvements to a large mill that had to be kept in continuous operation while [FBG's] work was going on.”

Boston Manufacturing Co was a major employer in Waltham and Massachusetts, being one of the first to hire farm girls and house them in company dormitories.

Many of the buildings at 144-160 Moody Street still exist, but it is not possible to tell which building might have been the subject of FBG work or whether it remains standing.

FBG Provenance


Unknown. Some BMC buildings remain standing but it is not certain if the FBG project is among them.


  • Boston Post, 17 Jun 1902:

  • Letter of 22 Dec 1902 from FBG ad in Engineering News, July 1907:

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