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FBG Project M-022

Source: FBG-Sweet's

Dams & Powerhouse for International Paper Co

  • Berlin, NH
  • Contract: Early 1904
  • Engineer: A.H. White
  • Standing; unclear how much modified or replaced

This was a complex project involving either two or three dams and installation of considerable dam and power generation machinery along the Androscoggin River where it passes through Berlin. All work was for a new but existing International Paper mill. The System ad states the job was three concrete dams, a crib dam and powerhouse, with generating machinery, and notes this was a repeat order from A.H. White, engineer.

The FBG org chart of Aug 1905 lists A.H. White as engineer for Job A-4, Berlin NH.

The Berlin history page has notes on which company was allowed to use which bypass and a great deal of other information to be sorted out, but is filled with very odd typoes.

FBG Provenance


  • All FBG work appears to be standing but it is difficult to tell what may have been replaced or modified. There are still multiple dams, side-races, a long flume, at least one powerhouse, etc. along a mile or so of the Androscoggin River. A biomass powerplant has been added.

There is a profusion of dams, bypasses, flumes and so forth all along the river as it flows through Berlin. It is not clear which ones were part of this project.

There is an additional spill dam considerably to the south of these as well.


  • Dam construction from System ad, Nov 1907:

  • Same photo from Concrete System, p44:

  • Construction images from Engineering News ad, 28 Dec 1905:

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