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FBG Project U-045

Source: FBG-EN1907

Building for Yale & Towne

  • Stamford, CT
  • Apr, 1905
  • $75,000
  • Architect: F.A. Waldron, NYC

This project is mentioned in a 1906 letter of commendation but is otherwise unidentified. A construction chart of late 1907 gives considerable information on three Y&T buildings, only one noted as a 1905 project. (Another building of 1901 is assigned to another builder. The remaining two by FBG were built in 1907 and not included in the chart.)

The 1905 project is identified as 2 stories, 280×83 feet, 23,000+ square feet in ground area and 47,000 sf in all. It is noted to be of mill construction (typically brick and iron framing), on pile foundation. Cost is noted as $75,000, which a footnote to the full chart indicates is high because of “speed building.”

The FBG org chart of 1905 lists F.A. Waldron as engineer for Job A-12 in Stamford CT.

This may have been the large forge and foundry building of “1906” mentioned in company histories, as the otherwise complete American Machinist chart (see appendix entry) does not list any comparable alternative.

FBG Provenance


Unknown. Many former Y&T buildings stand but it is not certain which may have been FBG projects.


  • North Adams Transcript (MA), 18 Apr 1905:

  • Letter from ad in Engineering News, Jul 1907:

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