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FBG Project S-005

Source: Yost

Womens' Club building

  • Boston, MA
  • Contract: late 1898, possibly delayed until Mar 1899
    Completed: 1899
  • Standing and in similar use as XV Beacon

This was a ten-story “fireproof” building, built for the Boston City Womens' Club, that stood at 13-15 Beacon Street in Boston. FBG notes indicate it was delayed by ongoing client changes to the project.

There is some ambiguity as to the details of this project. Yost says the building was built at 13 Beacon St in 1898-99 and gives significant details of a “ten-story, fireproof building with an auditorium on the first floor, and banquet halls, kitchen, lecture and reception rooms on the next three floors.” She makes clear that it was purpose-built for the Women's Club and notes it was written up in architectural journals.

An article in 1903 “Delineator” (a trade magazine by Butterick) by Helen Winslow notes that the Beacon Hill property was sold and the funds used to build the Huntington “New Century” Building. A 1901 trade notice indicates the vote to sell the “lot at 13-15 Beacon St” was in August, 1901. It seems that the women of the Womens' Club were unhappy with the building even after making so many running changes… but that description of a “lot” rather than a substantial building is a troubling detail. Perhaps it was an empty lot at 13, with the building at 15.

Wikipedia's entry on the New England Women’s Club has a history of the likely group and notes that they moved to their own “club house” ca. 1903. Photos show a 5-6 story building on Huntington Avenue, designed by Josephine Wright Chapman. There is no mention of this building, or the nearly five years of debate and discussion by the club that led to its construction… and changes… and almost immediate abandonment. (There's a joke hiding in here somewhere.)

There is no current 13 Beacon Street, but 15 Beacon is clearly the same building, now a boutique hotel/condo of ten stories that listings say was built in 1899, named “XV Beacon.”

FBG Provenance

  • Yost, p.70
  • Multiple local notices



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