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FBG Project S-082

Source: Yost

7-story Wilson Building (rebuild)

  • San Francisco
  • 1907-08
  • Original architects (1900): Polk & Percy
  • Restoration architect (1907): Henry Schulze
  • Standing, converted to apartments in 2013

This project was the restoration of a 7-story on Market Street, originally built in 1901 for Breuner Furniture. It was gutted in the 1906 fire and almost wholly rebuilt while preserving the façade of elaborate terra cotta panels and columns.

It is still standing and was converted to 65 loft apartments in 2013. Little else is known; even San Francisco authorities were confused as to its history at the time of the 2013 conversion planning.

FBG Provenance

  • Yost, p.142



  • Market St at 6th, April 1906. The Wilson Building, at far left, will burn soon:

  • SF Examiner, 23 Jan 1908:

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