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FBG Project N-078

Source: FBG-Sweet's

Factory for H.C. White Co

  • North Bennington, VT
  • Contract: May 1907
    Completed Oct 1907
    • $35,000
  • Engineer: W.F. Dean (Boston)
  • National Register of Historic Places 100000515
  • Standing and in similar use.

One of several jobs known from the listing in the FBG advertisement in the 1909 Sweet's Catalogue, this was a 2-story factory of brick with concrete floors, added to the HC White plant for the production of stereoscopic images. It was built as something of a “clean room” of the era, with tight control of dust and dirt.

HC White was one of the premier makers of stereoscopes (claimed to the largest maker in the world) and the two-sided photos used to present a 3D image of a scene. Stereoscopes were enormously popular in the early 1900s and both the devices and the slides are avidly collected and widely archived. This factory was specifically built to expand their ability to produce the stereo-image slides with the highest quality.

HC White later made the very popular “Kiddie Kar” 3-wheel riding toy, one of the first commercially produced tricycles.

FBG Provenance


  • Standing and in use as a factory (for snowshoes) at 940 Water Street in N. Bennington. Much of original plant is still standing in about the form of itsfinal additions of 1919.
  • Added to the NRHP roster in 2017.


  • The HC White plant before the FBG addition, ca 1905-07. The new factory would appear above the bush at right:

  • North Adams Transcript (MA), 4 Jan 1907:

  • Map of HC White plant, modern (VT State Archives). The FBG addition is “NR#4” at bottom right:

  • Bennington Banner (VT), 26 Mar 1907:

  • Bennington Banner (VT), 2 Jul 1907:

  • Modern Machinery, Jun 1907;
    Many identical notices in other trade journals May–June:

  • Bennington Banner (VT), 12 Aug 1907
    Also 12-17 Jul, 5-13 Aug:

  • Bennington Banner (VT), 5 Sep 1907
    Also 6-7 Sep:

  • 1908 H.C. White catalog:

  • Dealers Magazine, Feb 1920:

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