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Sweet's Catalogue advertisement, 1909

FBG placed a two-page ad in the 1909 edition of the annual engineering reference Sweet's Catalogue of Building Construction that gave a full page of their business practices (mostly the cost-plus contract) and a long list of projects they had executed under this model.

Most of the projects are identifiable and have complete records (here and elsewhere). Some eight projects on the list, however, are known only from this list, and corroborating information has not been located.

Since the catalogue is published early in or slightly before the issue year, and the FBG ad references the San Francisco offices that were closed in about October of 1908 when he returned to the northeast, this list must include projects that were completed or in progress at that time. Many projects are from years earlier, but the unknown projects are simply listed here as “before 1909” or “< 1909.”

Further research and information on these projects is solicited.


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