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FBG Project S-001

Source: Yost

Prescott Hall dormitory

  • Cambridge, MA
  • Contract: Mar 1896
    Construction: Summer, 1896
    • $40,000
  • Architect: Arthur H. Bowditch (Boston)
  • Standing & in original use

The first fully identifiable project for FBG is this four-story brick dormitory built in Cambridge, MA in summer 1896. It stands on the corner of Prescott and Broadway and like all dorms of the era, is named for the street it's on. Although intended for Harvard students, this was privately built and operated, what we would call today “student apartments.”

It was built as fifteen double suites with all amenities, and currently houses about fifteen students.

FBG Provenance

  • Yost, p.70
  • Local notice


  • Stands at 474 Broadway, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • In original use and largely original condition.


  • Boston Globe, 21 Mar 1896:

  • Cambridge Chronicle, 2 May 1896

 Cambridge Chronicle, 2 May 1896

  • Harvard Lampoon, 22 May 1896

 Harvard Lampoon, 22 May 1896


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