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FBG Project S-017

Source: JDG-1

Concrete Dam for Potter Hill Textile Mill

  • Westerley, RI
  • Contract: Jul 1903
  • Standing, maintains mill pond, not in active use

This project is the first of a number of dams, often with canals, tailraces and powerhouses, constructed by FBG. From research, it appears that a dam existed at the site on the Pawcatuck River from at least 1762, serving a number of different mill types over the years (grist, lumber, textile).

It was for the Potter Hill Textile Mill that the dam was rebuilt in 1903, providing or improving hydroelectric power generation either along with or replacing a mill wheel. A steam engine was added shortly thereafter to provide more power for mill machinery.

It is this dam that appears to still be standing, although the mill complex is largely in ruins. Local plans to refurbish the site for mixed-use, with its own restored power source, seem to have been stalled for some time.

FBG Provenance

Engineering News contract notice.



  • Engineering News, 23 Jul 1903:

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