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FBG Project U-026

Source: FBG-ER1905

Powerhouse & Pumping Station for City of East Orange, NJ

  • East Orange, NJ
  • Contract: Jun 1904
  • Presumed demolished, date unknown

This project was a power house, pumping station and chimney for the East Orange Water De[artment. It is known only from the 1905 job list and one local notice.

The current City of East Orange website has an excellent history page on what was from 1903-1909 the “East Orange Water Department,” with photos of at least one building likely to be an FBG project.

FBG Provenance


Presumed demolished, date unknown.


  • Boston Evening Transcript, 22 Jun 1904:

  • (City of East Orange historical page.) This is likely the pumping station and powerhouse, with chimney:

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