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FBG Project D-046

Source: JDG-1

Rail Car Barn & Substation for NY Central Railroad

  • North Syracuse, NY
  • Contract: May 1905
  • Architects: Gaggin & Gaggin
  • Probably demolished, date unknown

This project was a railcar barn and (probably power) substation for the New York Central Railroad, in North Syracuse, NY. The car barn was 76×361 (possibly 613, from another source) feet, and had a concrete roof to keep the building from collapsing in a fire before rolling stock could be removed. The substation was 38×103 feet.

The FBG org chart of Aug 1905 lists Gaggin & Gaggin as architects of Job A-13 in North Syracuse. However, it also lists Brockway & Taylor as architects of Job A-18 in the same city; this is the only known job in North Syracuse.

At the time, Syracuse had more than a dozen rail lines; mergers would reduce them to a handful by the 1930s.

FBG Provenance

  • One trade notice


  • Probably demolished, date unknown


  • Real Estate Record & Builder's Guide, 13 May 1905:

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