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FBG Project S-077

Source: FBG-System

Two Warehouses for New England Confectionery Co (NECCO)

  • Boston
  • Contract: ~ Apr 1907
    Completed ~ Aug 1907
  • Standing and in converted use

One of several jobs known from the listing in the FBG advertisement in the 1909 Sweet's Catalogue, this was two 6-story brick factory/warehouses for candy maker New England Confectionary Co — known better as NECCO, as in the wafers — to expand their South Boston plant. The exact purpose of the buildings is somewhat unclear but believed to be warehouses, to allow NECCO to expand production within the existing buildings.

The buildings are somewhat irregular in shape to accommodate the plot and were connected by a multi-level skyway. Other skyways connected the buildings to the existing ones allowing staff and product to move around without crossing Necco Ct or Necco St, below.

The buildings have remained in use by various companies, and in 2016 GE selected them as the site for its new headquarters. 5 Necco Court is the HQ building, and 6 Necco Ct is parking and possibly more office space.

FBG Provenance


  • Both buildings standing and in converted use. 5 Necco Ct is GE headquarters; 6 Necco Ct may be both more office space and parking.
  • Google aerial view — after renovations for GE. The earlier, rather graceful NECCO buildings that curve along Melcher St. are foreground. The multi-level skyway connector can be seen between them, and the new GE headquarters looms behind.


  • The Spatula, Jan 1907:

  • Confectioner's and Baker's Gazette, 10 Feb 1907:

  • 1970 map of Boston Wharf area buildings, NECCO buildings at top center, highlighted in blue. (Note also FBG project 316 Summer St at center, highlighted in green):

  • NECCO buildings 5 and 6, ca. 2000. In the GE renovations of about 2016, the buildings were “crowned” with an open seventh floor that bridges them and contains HVAC and other equipment:

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