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FBG Project M-064

Source: JDG-1

4-story Mill for Minterburn Textile Mills

  • Rockville, CT
  • Contract: Sep 1906
    Construction started 10 Oct 1906
    Completed by year's end (70 working days)
  • Engineer: C.R. Makepeace (Providence, RI)

This project was a new mill for the Minterburn Textile Mills, across the street from their ca. 1859 brick mill. It also included a pump house, tall concrete smokestack and a concrete dam replacing a mid-1800s rock dam.

A two-page ad devoted to this one project appeared in Cement Age, noting that it was completed in seventy working days despite freezing weather. Despite that, it has remained durable enough to be renovated into loft condos. Its larger, older companion across the street, of brick construction, was dangerous to enter and demolished despite historic significance.

A number of pictures of this project appear in Concrete System as well.

FBG Provenance

  • Ad in Cement Age
  • Letter in July 1907 Engineering News ad
  • Trade notices
  • Concrete System


  • Standing at 215 E Main St, converted to loft condos in 2018.
  • Google aerial view — Image at the time of URL capture about 2017, showing unrestored mill and dam. The older mill can still be seen across the street.
  • Google Street View — Current view of building after condo conversion.


  • Real Estate Record & Building Guide, 29 Sep 1906:

  • Real Estate Record & Building Guide, 6 Oct 1906:

  • Concrete System, under construction about Nov 1906:

  • Cement Age, ad, June 1907. One of the only FBG ads to feature a single project:

Personal Note

I lived hear this mill and drove past it—just a few feet off the roadway—at least once a week for some six years, with the Street View link above being a sharp reminder. I left the area just before the condo conversion began. It is to my great regret that I had not identified this as an FBG project at the time, and even more so that I never indulged my hobby of exploring and photographing the many abandoned buildings in New England. I wish I had stopped, just once; the pleasure of later discovering what I had discovered would have been sublime. As it is, having the ad images pop out of a search was a stunning moment.

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