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FBG Project M-016

Source: FBG-CA1906

“Dove” Mill for Megargee Paper Co

  • Modena, PA
  • Contract: Mar 1903
    Completed: Oct 1903
  • Engineer: George F. Hardy (given as “Harding” in some notices)
  • Standing in significantly original condition; repurposed

This project was a 2- and 3-story paper mill for the Megargee Paper Co, sited on the banks of Brandywine Creek in Modena, PA. Other than some trade notices and one acknowledgement in an FBG ad, little info has been found. It may have been multiple buildings “of mill construction”—typically iron frame, brick walls—as well, from notes in the latter.

Around the time of the death of one of the Megargee brothers in 1925, there are references to “Dove #1” and “Dove #2” mills. It is presumed this is the first.

There are references to a 1907 2-story addition with generator.

Believed to be standing as the current home of “Sealed Air,” a packaging manufacturer, at 22 Meredith Ct.

The Engineer Jan 1 1904, “The Reeves Engine Co are installing two of their vertical cross compound engines, largest 650 HP, direct connection to the mill shaft. Smaller 100HP to drive the electrical plant.”

FBG Provenance

  • 1906 Cement Age ad listing Geo. F. Hardy commissions
  • local notices


  • Stands at 22 Meredith Ct, Modena PA
  • In largely original condition but used for manufacturing


  • Philadelphia Inquirer, 12 Mar 1903:

  • Lancaster News-Journal (PA), 16 Jul 1903:

  • Lancaster New Era, 28 Jul 1903 (note typo!):

  • Ad for Gilbreth companies, 1906:

  • Wood Pulp News, Jul-Dec 1903:


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