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FBG Project D-009

Source: Yost

Lowell Memorial Electrical Engineering Laboratory

  • Boston, MA
  • Contract: 28 Jun 1902
    Completed: Sep 1902
  • Architect: Thomas H. Skinner
  • Demolished sometime after 1917

 Lowell Labs line drawing This project launched FBG's reputation past its modest “Boston builder” beginnings to a nationally, even internationally-recognized firm, and became known as “one of Boston's most impressive building records.” A large building standing on more than one thousand piles, it was built in about sixty working days from the signing of the contract in June, 1902, leaving some 45 days until the completion deadline.

There are several pictures of the job progress in Bricklaying System (1909).

FBG Provenance

  • Substantially documented.


  • Demolished sometime after MIT campus moved across the river to Cambridge in 1916.
  • The Hancock Tower stands on the original MIT campus including this site.


  • View in August, 1902 as building nears completion

 Lowell Labs photo

  • Floorplan:

 Lowell Labs floorplan

  • Detail map of the the MIT campus in 1905. (A few small buildings are further away):

  • MIT The Tech, 2 Apr 1903:

  • Ad from System, Nov 1907. The original letters below are dated 3 Nov and Oct 20 (or 29), 1902, respectively.

Books & Articles

  • Noted as case study in CHJ paper.
    • Considerable additional archive material available.
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