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FBG Project D-029

Source: JDG-1

3-story Store for the Lilly Estate

  • Baltimore, MD
  • Contract: Jul 1904
  • Architects: Sperry, York & Sawyer
  • Presumed demolished, date unknown

  • In February 1904, Baltimore was struck by a massive fire that destroyed or damaged some 2,500 buildings. It was one of several “great fires” in the era that led to greater use of steel, brick and concrete “fireproof” construction. FBG was on the ground within days, securing contracts, but in the end he would build only four known projects there (in 1904 or any other time).

This project was a 3-story store, long and narrow, at 108 West Baltimore Street, fronting also on a “Little Sharp Street.” It is known only from two job notices, and further details have not been located.

The most likely location is what is now West Baltimore and Hopkins Plaza, an extension of Sharp Street. The area has been completely rebuilt, and no building matching the description or confirmation of the site has been located.

FBG Provenance

Two local notices.


Presumed demolished, date unknown.


  • Baltimore Sun, 15 Jun 1904:

  • Baltimore Sun, 13 Jul 1904:

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