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FBG Project D-041

Source: FBG-Sweet's

Factory for Kursheedt Manufacturing Co

  • Brooklyn, NY
  • Contract: Oct 1904
    Completed Late 1904-05
  • Probably demolished

One of several jobs known only from the FBG notice of 1905, this was described as “Factory for the Kursheedt Mfg. Co., at Brooklyn, N.Y.” It was listed again, by company name only, in the 1909 Sweet's Catalogue list.

Research shows that Kursheedt was a rag trade industry, with one address of 365 West Broadway in Brooklyn, a location that is now one of several row houses dating from 1910-15. The block looks as if it was constructed as one element and it is possible these now-separate addresses are a reconstruction of a factory into separate buildings.

The trade notices for FBG, though, place the new factory at Fulton and Nicolas Streets. Fulton is still a major thoroughfare in Brooklyn, but if the cross street was Nicolas, it has long since vanished or been renamed. Close search of a 1903 map found no such cross street on Fulton.

More likely is that the notice misspelled Nichols Avenue, which does exist just south of Cypress Hills Cemetery. Unfortunately, all the buildings on that corner are typical borough structures of the 1920s, with commercial on the first floor and residences above. If FBG's factory for Kursheedt was built at this intersection, it was likely demolished after about 15 years.

Kursheedt often ran ads for “small girls” to operate fabric machinery and “do ruchings.” Most references to the company in the news seem to be related to child labor law violations.

FBG Provenance


Unknown. Probably demolished before 1920.


  • Real Estate Record & Builder's Guide, 12 Nov 1904:


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