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FBG Project D-035

Source: FBG-ER1905
Source: FBG-Sweet's

Factory for Auburn Hame Co

  • Auburn, NY
  • Construction began 14 Sep 1904
    Completed Dec 1904
  • Architects: Brockway & Taylor (Syracuse, NY)
  • Demolished, date unknown

 Horse collar with hames  Antique wooden hames

This was a two-story brick factor of about 80 by 300 feet, for the farm equipment maker Auburn Hame Co. Notices claim it was “completed in three and half months” or about the end of December, 1904. An FBG ad claims it was completed in 45 days, or around November 1st. It is possible FBG finished its portion of the work in that month and a half, and fittings and machinery installation took another two months.

(A hame is the curved wooden portion of a working horse collar → )

The factory was purchased by Eagle Wagon Works in August 1906, just two years after the start of construction. The facility was then described as a factory 395 x 85 feet and a shipping shed 190 x 30, “all of the very best mill construction with every convenience and protection against fire.”

A 1912 business biography notes that Auburn Hame Company merged into the United States Hame Company in 1905, which is probably what led to the divestiture of the new factory.

FBG Provenance


Demolished, date unknown.


  • Boston Globe, 16 Sep 1904: Notice that FBG has been awarded the contract for the erection of a new building for the “Auburn Home company.” Note inconsistency with later article (14 Sep).
  • FBG ad in American Wool & Cotton Reporter, 2 Sep 1905:

  • Two construction photos from Bricklaying System:

  • FBG ad in Jul 1907 Engineering News:

 Engineering News, July 1907

  • Auburn Bulletin, 28 Dec 1904:

 Auburn Bulletin, 28 Dec 1904

  • Good Roads Magazine, Sep 1906:

 Good Roads Magazine, Sep 1906


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