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FBG Project M-013

Source: FBG-EN1907

Enlarge Canal for Garvin's Falls Power Station

  • Garvin's Falls, NH
  • 1902
  • Engineer: Hollis French & Allen Hubbard
  • Facility remains in service

This project is noted in an 8 Nov 1902 letter in Field System along with the Towns Hotel job.

Research indicates it was relatively minor work on the existing dam's canal, little noted in any record of the facility. A much larger expansion was done in 1904 esd written up in considerable detail in Electrical World & Engineer, but the article does not mention FBG or any of the expansion work of ca. 1902.

The dam and hydropower installation remains in service.

FBG Provenance


  • Facility remains in service although FBG work has been changed by subsequent development.


  • From pp34-35 of Field System:

  • Summary of related contemporary articles, Engineering Index 1901-05:

Major Articles


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