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FBG Project U-085

Source: FBG-Sweet's

Project for Dalton Power Co

  • Dalton, MA
    (possibly Dalton, NH/Gilman, VT)
  • Engineers: Barnes & Farnum, (?)
  • < 1909

One of several jobs known only from the listing in the FBG advertisement in the 1909 Sweet's Catalogue, the location of this one is uncertain and may actually be subject to a typographical error in that listing.

No record of the Dalton Power Co of Massachusetts has been located, other than an entry that they had two working dams on the Housatonic River in 1918, one quite substantial, and along with two factions of Crane Paper including the one listed for another FBG job.

This project seems connected to the Crane Paper job, at the same time and in Dalton, MA. There is one reference to a large new city powerhouse with no builder attribution; it is not known if this is the FBG project.

The FBG org chart of Aug 1905 lists Barnes & Farnum as engineers for Job 386 in Dalton, MA. It is not known which of these jobs that might be.

There appear to be two companies in the same era with the same name. The larger and better documented one is in New Hampshire, but there is also one in Massachusetts along with the Crane Paper Co. It is unclear which one FBG might have executed a project with. The Sweet's ad says MA, but that could be a misprint taken from the Crane Paper listing just above, in Dalton MA.

FBG Provenance


  • Unknown.


  • Report on dams along the Housatonic River, from a 1918 Massachusetts state report:

  • Chart of dams from above report:

  • Postcard of Dalton, MA about 1884. Click to open larger image; a very large image can be found on Wikipedia:

These notices may have to do with either Dalton job, or neither. Further research and confirmation is needed.

* Berkshire County Eagle (Pittsfield, MA), 25 Jan 1905:

* Berkshire County Eagle (Pittsfield, MA), 3 Jan 1906:

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