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FBG Project M-067

Source: JDG-1

2-story Mill for Henry M. Crane

  • Bayonne, NJ
  • Contract: Sep 1906
    • $15,000
  • May be standing and in use

This project was for a long, narrow mill or factory, 140×38 feet, for Henry M. Crane of Bayonne, NJ.

No details of the company have been located.

FBG Provenance

  • Two trade notices


  • Unknown. May be standing as part of 100 W 7th St in Bayonne.
  • Google aerial view — the 2-story portion of the building at left matches the size, construction and era of the FBG job but has not been confirmed to be the original work.


  • Real Estate Record & Building Guide, 29 Sep 1906:

  • Real Estate Record & Building Guide, 6 Oct 1906:

  • This plaque, which can be seen but not read in the Google Street view, is attached to the front of the building. Probably irrelevant but a local business owner was kind enough to photograph it for me:


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