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FBG Project D-075

Source: JDG-1

Factory for Columbian Rope Co

  • Auburn, NY
  • Contract: Apr 1907
    Completed December 1907
    • $275,000
  • Engineers: Dean and Main (Boston)
  • Demolished

This project was a somewhat smaller companion factory to the immense one built for Columbian Rope Company in 1903. It was described as 3 stories plus basement and about 585×100 feet.

This would be one of FBG's repeat projects for both the owner and engineers Dean & Main.

Columbian Rope Company still exists and continues to produce rope and cordage products as part of The Cordage Group. They are headquartered in Illinois and no longer appear to have any facilities in Auburn.

FBG Provenance


Demolished, date unknown but not before WWII and possibly not until the late 1970s.


  • Boston Evening Transcript, 13 Apr 1907:

  • Ad in Engineering News, 9 May 1907:

  • Ad in Textile World Record, Mar 1908:

  • Library of Congress photo, 1909. The original factory is at right; the expansion of 1907 (this project) is the smaller building at left, connected by a catwalk:

 Panoramic view of factory and extension, 1909

  • Postcard view, about 1920:

  • Historical marker, 2015:


  • The Monument: A History of the Columbian Rope Company, Columbian Rope Company, 1958
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