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FBG Project S-040

Source: FBG-Sweet's

Hydropower Dam on the Saranac River for International Paper Co

  • Cadyville, NY
  • Late 1904-05
  • Engineer: A.H. White
    Warren Curtis (?)
  • Standing & in original use

This project was a tall (55-foot) concrete dam for power generation, on the Saranac River. An ad from Engineering News, 28 Dec 1905, identifies the client as International Paper Co (along with two larger jobs for that company at Piercefield, NY and Berlin, NH).

FBG ads in several newspapers from August to October 1904 or so including the New York Sun from FBG sought stone crushing services. Another ad [ER?], 7 Jan 1905, notes that the dam is 50 feet high and contains 10,000 cubic yards of concrete.

This is noted as a repeat order from engineer A.H. White; prior jobs have not been identified.

The FBG org chart of Aug 1905 notes Warren Curtis as engineer of Job 359, Cadyville NY.

FBG Provenance


  • Standing and in original use (may not be producing hydropower although an apparently functional powerhouse, with power transmission cables, remains downstream).


  • Boston Evening Transcript, 12 Aug 1904:

  • Boston Globe, 6 Oct 1904 (and other papers, earlier):

  • Ad in System, Nov 1907:

  • Concrete System, pp56 & 57. The lower photo is not a certain identification and may be another project.

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