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FBG Project S-004

Source: Yost

Brimmer Chambers apartments

  • Boston, MA
  • Contract: Jul 1897
    Completed late 1898 (?)
  • Architect: John W. Bemis
  • Standing & in original use

This 6-story brick apartment building (originally described as 7 stories; this likely included the basement) was built as a novel take on “bachelor's apartments,” with no central dining room but meals delivered to the residents. It stands at the corner of Pinckney and Brimmer Streets, largely as built.

An interesting detail of construction is noted in one clipping: the building rested on an “old” (in 1897) seawall that FBG had to test before being allowed to use it as part of the foundation.

The building was noted as “elegant” in 1900. It was converted to condominiums that now sell in the $500k-1M range. The original number of apartments is unknown but it presently has 33 units from studio to 3 bedroom.

FBG Provenance


  • Stands at 112 Pinckney Street (bottom of Beacon Hill, a few hundred feet from the river).
  • In largely original condition and generally same use.


  • Boston Evening Transcript, 8 Jul 1897:

  • Boston Globe, 11 Jul 1897. “On the tapis” is old vernacular for “on hold” or waiting:

  • Boston Globe, 21 Nov 1897:

  • Boston Evening Transcript, 10 Oct 1898 (this notice ran for a considerable time):

  • Boston Globe, 25 Aug 1898, notice for “Iron Workers wanted at Brimmer Chambers… inside work…come ready to work… Apply to Jas H. Shields, Foreman.” This would seem to be some very late finish work, possibly even for a following contractor.
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