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FBG Project D-037

Source: FBG-ER1905

House & Stable for EJ Bliss

  • Boston (Chestnut Hill)
  • < 1905, probably 1904
  • Architects: Clough & Wardner
    • $80,000
  • Probably demolished, date unknown.

One of several jobs known from the listing in the 1905 Engineering Record notice, this was a house and stable for the Elmer Jared Bliss, founder of Regal Shoes. It was built on Commonwealth Ave, “near Chestnut Hill Reservoir,” an was entirely of “fireproof” reinforced concreted construction, possibly one of the first residences built using the technology.

Bliss later represented a shoe and leather consortium and may be connected to the pavilion project of 1908. He held some 87 patents related to shoe manufacturing and was president, vice president or director at 27 other organizations including banks and insurance companies.

FBG Provenance


Unknown. Probably demolished, date unknown.


  • From American Architect & Building News, 4 Feb 1905:

 EJ Bliss house front from AABN 1905  EJ Bliss house rear from AABN 1905

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