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FBG Project D-032

Source: FBG-Sweet's

Hydropower Dam for Walter Baker & Co Ltd

  • Milton, MA
  • Aug 1904
  • Engineers: Dean & Main (Boston)
  • Probably rebuilt in 1950s

This project was a concrete dam, built as part of a power overhaul for a noted chocolate maker.

A new powerhouse, probably coal-fired, was built the next year with two 200-foot smokestacks and three boilers to supplement this upgraded hydro-power system.

FBG Provenance


  • A dam has stood at this spot since 1639, but the current concrete structure is believed to be a 1950s replacement for FBG's work.
  • This is one of many dams in the northeast under consideration for removal, to return rivers to a more natural state for fish and wildlife. Many dams built by towns and companies for power and mill use, sometimes no more than a mile apart, have been demolished in recent decades.
  • Google Maps aerial view. The brick buildings in view are almost entirely those of the Walter Baker plant, mostly converted to condos and mixed use.


  • System ad, Nov 1907:

Major Articles

* Engineering Record, 6 Aug 1904:

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