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FBG Project D-042

Source: FBG-Sweet's

Residence for CB Alexander

  • Manhattan, NYC
  • Contract: Jun 1904
    Completion: late 1904-early 1905
    • $100,000
  • Architects: Warren & Wetmore (NYC)
  • Demolished, date unknown

This was a rebuild and extension of a 5-story mansion in upper Midtown, Manhattan, at 4 W 58th Street, one street south of Central Park. Only two residences by FBG are known, the other being the Bliss house in Boston.

Charles Beatty Alexander (1849-1927) was a typical city luminary of the era, a lawyer who was a director of several companies and on the New York Board of Regents.

One clipping gives the value of the work at $100,000; another at “total cost” of $600,000 (and notes an incredible “550 tons” of steel). The lower figure may represent FBG's portion of the cost.

The FBG org chart of Aug 1904 lists Warren & Wetmore as architects for Job A-3, NYC.

FBG Provenance


Demolished, date unknown. A 1947 newspaper notice describes plans for a 12-story building at 4-8 W 58th but gives no details of what it is replacing.


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