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FBG Project M-065

Source: FBG-Sweet's

Citizen's Bank of Alameda

  • Alameda, CA
  • Contract: Sep 1906
    Completed: Apr 1907
    • $40,000
  • Engineers: Oliver & Foulkes
  • Standing, expanded and in original use

This project was the only one in the California job era that was not within the city of San Francisco, but across the bay in Alameda. There are suggestions that Frank Gilbreth got this job through one of his in-laws, Lillian's wealthy Oakland family.

The building was made entirely of fireproof and “quakeproof” reinforced concrete, including the elaborate cast-in-place cornice, something usually made of premolded terra cotta.

Bank of America either absorbed Citizens' Bank of Alameda or merely took over the building in 1924, and expanded it considerably in both width and depth. It is still a BofA branch and regional office, with other offices and a large street-level commercial area.

FBG Provenance


  • Expanded (to quadruple size, in matching style) in 1924 by successor Bank of America. Standing at Park St and Santa Clara Ave, and in use as a BofA branch.


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