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The Project List of 1909

In an ad for Sweet's Catalogue of 1909, FBG ran a two page ad that lists many jobs done under the cost-plus-fixed-sum model. About half the jobs are known or were easy to further document, and another quarter slowly yielded to patient research.

About a dozen jobs, though, lead to dead ends. A few more were finally identified as I prepared material for this wiki upload, but seven remain stubbornly unidentified. (Right now, jobs 083 to 089.)

Despite the ad appearing in the 1909 edition, Sweets was published in early January each year. Furthermore, the ad still specifies the San Francisco office for FBG, which was actually closed in October 1908. Therefore, these jobs must have been completed or in progress at about that time. They are thus tagged “< 1909” or “before 1909.”

How much before 1909 varies. Some jobs were in 1908. Others were in 1906-07. At least one was in 1904.

Work continues to make that vital connection between FBG, the job/company name, the location (when known) and a year between about 1904 and 1908. But these seven, some for well-known companies… remain stubborn. Assistance from anyone with specialized knowledge or local resources is definitely invited.

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